Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, again this year, I'm trying my hand at canning. I have done approximately 11 jars of red beets. I'm getting more beets tomorrow and hope to do more regular and then pickle some. I've ordered a bushel of green beans for Friday.

I want to try my hand at canning soup...i.e. chili and some other kinds, would like to try canning some meat...i.e. chicken and beef and some hamburger. We'll see how this all goes. It'd be nice, when in a hurry, just to open up a jar of something of MY own making. We really enjoyed the stuff I canned last year, so that has inspired me to do more.


diamond said...

Ask Hulda for her Tomatoe soup recipe that she canned. Best I have ever had. Also, have some new pics up on my blog. Yes, there were lots of sunny days - I have been working not blogging!!

Mrs. Deb. Blowers said...

Reminds me of all the canning I used to do and all my Mom used to do. It will taste wonderful this winter.

Donnie & Donna said...

Wow, looked like a good vacation! I love to can. My mother in law cans the best tomato soup ever! We get together and do it, then we split the jars...It's fun looking on Jeanne's blog and catching up with everyone!

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