Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mini Vacation

After spending a nice weekend with Bethany, we left Monday, August 25, for Chicago. We arrived at the Monastery to find out we couldn't check in until later. So we left our car in the parking lot of the Monastery and caught a bus to Navy Pier and the Tall Ship, Windy.

We did have some near misses. First of all, pulling out of the harbor, the Pilot started to shout to the deck hands, "LOWER THE MASTS!, LOWER THE MASTS!", just lower the masts and FAST!" Yikes, we almost hit a cruise boat that was sitting there! We got out of that mess safely. There was a good breeze, stronger than any of the "hands" liked to sail in. We didn't go out far into the harbor, because of the waves and wind. We were going along pretty nicely, and suddenly, a small sail boat headed right for us. Another near miss. It gave me a new appreciation for the song, "Jesus Saviour, Pilot me!" It was interesting to watch as the crew hands move the masts and pull hard on the ropes. They worked really hard moving the masts, pulling hard on the ropes, starting the engine and putting the ship in reverse, just to get out of that boats way. We saw the boat sailing away, but almost on it's side! After those several close calls, the crew just laughed, I'm sure in relief that nothing happened!

Seeing the city from the water was awesome!!

On our way to the trolley, which would take us to Michigan Ave., we found some fun mirrors. You can see dad having some fun with them!!

We left Navy Pier and headed for Michigan Ave. and the Cheesecake Factory. We ordered our supper as a carry out. We got their Orange Chicken, rice and veggies. Of course, we had to get cheesecake. We each picked out a different one, so later we could each have a bite of the others.

We took a taxi back to the Monastery, because it just seemed easier than trying to figure out what bus to take back. That was an experience in itself, the short story is the taxi driver had no idea where he was taking us. Fortunately, we finally saw the Monastery and told him where to turn.

We met Br. Ignatius at the door. He directed us where to park our car and he would meet us and show us our room for the night. Wow, what a place!! I'll give you a little tour of our 3 bedroom apartment!!

The beginning of the 32 steps we were going to climb!

Br. Ignatius was kind and helpful answering our questions, showing around the apartment, making us feel welcome. He told us between 0805 0 0810 am our breakfast would be served from the landing on the little burgandy cloth overed table.

Sure enough, at about 0805, we heard someone coming up to the landing. It was Br. Antonio and Br. Brendon.

It was so good!

I need to show you around a little bit...not to bore you with all the rooms, I will show you the living room, a bedroom (there were 3) and the kitchen area...the hallway had a neat rough brick wall. Br. Ignatius told us, just on the otherside of it was the church.

We left there and headed to China Town. We have a favorite little bakery there that we always stop at...get some sort of baked goods and tea.

After we finished here, we walked to a little chinese grocery store. I got some rice noodles, then we headed for the car. We had parked in a public parking lot that only cost $10.00 for all day. Cheap!! We left our car and headed for the "L". I was hoping we'd get to take a ride. It only cost $2.00 one way to the city.

Visited the John Hancock building...went to the top (95 stories in 40 seconds). I love the view from this tower...

check out the many gardens on top of the buildings...and also in the next pic, the gardens on the balconies...

My favorite view from the top!

We found a "trickster" wanting a who has painted himself all silver...

We found the BEST tasting pizza we've had in a while...

Well, we were nearing the end of our journey on the streets of Chicago...It was a lovely time, we were tired, our feet tired and we could kinda understand the guy in the next pic. It just cracked me up...some guy just plain tired!!

Soon we headed back on the "L" to Chinatown to pick up our car and head back to Bethany's in Indy area...

We're home now, and it's time to get back to work...

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, again this year, I'm trying my hand at canning. I have done approximately 11 jars of red beets. I'm getting more beets tomorrow and hope to do more regular and then pickle some. I've ordered a bushel of green beans for Friday.

I want to try my hand at canning soup...i.e. chili and some other kinds, would like to try canning some meat...i.e. chicken and beef and some hamburger. We'll see how this all goes. It'd be nice, when in a hurry, just to open up a jar of something of MY own making. We really enjoyed the stuff I canned last year, so that has inspired me to do more.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting Started...

Well, it's time to get on in the blogland. I have been a "ghost" reader to many, many blogs and have enjoyed each and every one. I think now it's time to start posting my thoughts and photos...I hope you enjoy visiting my blog...thanks for stopping by!